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millennial parents

5 Things Millennial Parents Are Doing Better...

Research shows millennials may be the most family-oriented generation in the last 50 years. Millennial parents are changing the norm to raise healthy kids.
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teaching respect

Teaching Respect: 8 Tips for a Snark-free Su...

Requiring respect is a gift we give our kids (and ourselves!). But in a parenting age aiming to be gentler and more aware of kids’ emotions, it's not easy.
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elementary crush

‘Audrey and John Sitting in a Tree ...

My son's first day of first grade introduction worksheet: What do you like to do with your friends? His answer, in wonderfully legible pencil: Chase girls.
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Negotiating Parental Leave

Negotiating Parental Leave for the Working M...

Who is responsible for making ends meet when a new baby joins a family – the new parents, their employers, or the government?
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two elementary-school boys looking out a car window

Three Times a Day to Intentionally Connect W...

Consider mornings, mealtimes and bedtime as opportunities for making a heart connection with your child. And trust that God, in His sovereignty, will fill the gaps in between.
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Even Toddlers Can Memorize Scripture

If toddlers can memorize favorite songs and stories, why not help them learn the Word of God?
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Q&A: Should Children See Parents Argue?

Kids learn how to resolve conflict by watching us do it.
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Potty Training a Strong-Willed Child

You must set the rules and the boundaries, not your toddler.
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Q&A: Babysitter Blues

How can we break our 3-year-old of throwing tantrums when the sitter comes over?
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