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5 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Spouse Through Busyness

5 Ways to Stay Close to Your Spouse in Life...

Our intentions to do good can also pull us away from the most important human relationship in our lives.
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What we learned at a Weekend to Remember

What Else Could We Learn About Marriage?

We thought we knew it all, but the Weekend to Remember® marriage getaway gave us practical help that was built on a solid foundation of biblical truth.
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Christmas Conflict

‘Tis the Season to Fight About Finances

Here are a few ways to make spending during the holidays less stressful.
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Take a holiday break

Take a Break From the Holidays!

A break is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your spouse and face the stress of the holidays together.
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Are you thankful for your spouse?

Do You Practice Intentional Gratitude for Yo...

It takes diligence and commitment to remember that your spouse needs to know how much they mean to you on a daily basis.
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When Was the Last Time Your Marriage Had a P...

You might make sure to head to the doctor each year like clockwork, but when is the last time your marriage had a physical?
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Healthy Marriage Expectations

After ‘I Do,’ Now What?

Marriage is a relationship that will transform you, if you let it. Saying “I do” is only the beginning of a lifetime of laughter, frustration, forgiveness, happiness, and deep joy. It’s worth it.
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Healthy marriage expectations

Not Another Statistic

What was the last negative statistic you heard about marriage? Most of us can quickly cite sources that point to the fact that half of all marriages end in divorce.
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Not Another Top-Ten List

You don’t have to look far in order to find advice for how you can improve your marriage. Articles are all over the internet about what you should say to sustain your spouse’s interest, the type of clothes you should wear to appear more attractive, and how you can be even more intimate with your partner.
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5 Things No One Told Me About Marriage

Young and Married: Five Things We Learned fr...

There’s a secret that nobody likes to tell dating or engaged couples: Marriage is really hard.
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Why you need to get away

Why You Need to Get Away

Spending an entire weekend learning how to communicate, grow in oneness, and love one another better was like hitting a reset to our busy lives.
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War of words

Overcoming Communication Barriers With Your...

Communication in marriage is not easy. But the fight to communicate is worth the work. In the end, you’ll find a thriving marriage rooted in oneness, not division.
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Every Marriage Needs Community

Marriage Is Not an Island: Our Need for Comm...

At the Weekend to Remember marriage retreat I found a profound sense of community. It reminded me of one simple fact: We are not alone.
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Marriage Is for Me… Right?

Conflict over money and infidelity might be some of the most common reasons for getting a divorce in our society, but I’d argue that there’s a more common root to most separations:“I’m just not happy anymore.”
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Better Marriage

Your Marriage Is Not Your Parents’

Having divorced parents doesn’t mean your own marriage will also end in divorce. You are not destined to live out the same mistakes as your parents.
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